¿How to spot a good quality leather Jacket?

A top quality leather jacket will last forever!


It all starts with the main raw material; leather. Our jackets are handcrafted with a full-grain lamb leather. To explain why this is important let me explain how leather is classified.

First, we have leather-based on its origin; it can be cowhide, horse, pig, goat, lambskin and exotic.

Cow Leather

Cowhide is the most common leather used in the fashion industry, ideal for shoes but it is too stiff to be comfortable on a Jacket, due to its durability is used on motorcycle jackets and other technical jackets.

Pig Leather or Horse Leather

Pig and horse are very cheap materials, its texture does not feel good to the touch and does not have a good fall.

Goat Leather

Goat is soft, lightweight and durable, but it's not very common, Why? well because goats are not very big, and therefore crafting a jacket with this leather will require a bigger amount of animals just for one garment.

Exotic leather

Exotic leather can be alligator, shark, stingray, ostrich just to give some examples, we don't work with those materials.

Lamb leather

Finally, there is lamb leather. This leather comes from an animal that is the result of a cross between a sheep and a goat, this cross was performed to obtain the characteristics of the goat leather but with the size of a sheep. So that's how our jackets can have that softness and lightweight that makes it so elegant.


Besides the animal from where the leather was obtained, another factor that determines the quality is how much the hide was altered.

Based on that we have 3 categories: genuine,  top-grain and full-grain leather.

Genuine leather

This type of leather usually comes from livestock that was not meant for the leather industry, so the skin tends to be damaged by animal bites, cuts from fences and other imperfections, in order to be efficient and use that leather, a lot of the top layers of the skin need to be removed.

After the damaged layer was removed, the resistance of the material has been compromised so they add a layer of plastic at the top to make it look nice and polished. This leather tends to look perfect and feels well to the touch but that is because of the plastic finish, and unfortunately, that will crack in a short period of time.

Thanks to the correction of the plastic finished, jackets made of genuine leather are the cheapest, but make no mistake your money would be better spent on a top-quality PU leather jacket.

Top-grain Leather

Top-grain comes from livestock that was raised specifically to use its leather and has only been corrected trough a sanding process to eliminate some imperfections caused by stretch marks from the animal growth.

This leather is tanned to give it a color and finish since tanning is not adding any extra layers to the leather it will never crack, also the surface is not perfect giving each jacket a unique appearance.

Full-grain leather

Full-grain leather comes from livestock bred with extreme care to minimize all imperfections. The top layer of the leather is not altered, sanded or perfected. So this is the leather of the highest quality.

In West & Pearl, we use only full-grain leather, well actually al lamb leather is full-grain since it cannot be corrected by any means. If a correction is attempted the materials will be entirely ruined.

The best part of using non-corrected leather?

Time will make it better! With time the inner fibers of the leather will stretch and become a molded garment to your body. Also, the leather will gain a natural patina, that means that your jacket will look more unique, the color will change in an irregular way and will get a vintage look but if you don't like that look, you can take your jacket to a professional and he will clean it for you and it will look like a brand new jacket.

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