7 ideas for outfits with leather jackets for men

When you are trying to create outfits with leather jackets you might think there’s not many options available, but we are about to show you that is NOT the case at all.

So you can use your jacket frequently but also to turn it into a must for your daily outfits, we give you several ideas. Wear it and enjoy it! 

Minimalistic and Casual


This style is really appropriate in situations or events that require a range of formality from medium to low, like work appointments, job interviews, friends gatherings or even romantic dates.


The outfit can be created really easily. You need: one shirt of one color block or really minimal prints (forget about the cartoon prints), a pair of jeans or chinos and a american jacket of neutral or basic colors.

The best footwear to complement this look are some chelsea boots or casual loafers.

You want to add an accessory to this look? How about a couple of dark shades, a chain bracelet or a watch. 

Ready to rock

With this look you can rock in all the concerts or raves, or any other situation when you get to spend a good time with your intimate friends.

As a base you can use dark jeans, a grey or white shirt, you can add a couple of chains either silver or golden colour so you can complement the look.


If your shirt already has a lot going on (drawings, pictures etc.) you can keep it simple with a watch with an average size and rings with stamps.

Finally, you can wear a pair of dark chelseas, combat boots with a classic style or even with studs.

Viva La Boho


This look gives you a much more relaxed vibe, more positive and even connected with nature.

The base of this look are light and neutral pants of linen or some khakis; a soft and light shirt in basic neutral tones like with or beige, they could be flat or with patterns and a brown leather jacket.

Lush jewelry like rings, wide brim hats, bracelets and ethnic necklaces are ideal to complete the look.

The shoes that suit this look best are a couple of sandals of two or three stripes. 

The Perfect Balance: urban-tropical

The purpose of this look is to look modern and urban, but at the same time fresh and cheerful.

It’s easy you just need: a pair of clear jeans, a hawaian or tropical shirt with patterns and a leather jacket with the colour that fits the best the shirt that you picked.

The accessories are simple and you can keep it classic with a beaded bracelet and sun shades, these basic accessories are more than enough to create a clear and fresh look.

Sportsy and cool

There’s some people that still judge wearing hats, jerseys or sports hoodies outside of the gym, stadium of football matches.


But actually there’s no need to stop wearing the official wear of our favorite teams or any sports  garments on casual occasions. In fact with the right combination it can be a total win. 

For this look we suggest you that you use, both jeans or a pair of chinos with a classic leather jacket that matches the color scheme of your jersey, or the hoodie you are wearing 

The ideal footwear is the same as the past look, a pair of chelsea boots with basic colour or a clean and simple white sneakers, the sneakers must be casual and not your gym shoes, you got to keep the casual vibe.


For an office day

We know this might sound weird, but you can positively compliment your office look with a leather jacket. This way you can go out of the box but you’re still in the dress code.


For this outfit you need garments of the classic executive style: formal pants and shoes, long sleeved shirts and ties, and in this case a leather jacket that matches your outfit (a classic style or even the racer style fits perfectly)

In general it is prefered the black jackets because it matches perfectly the color scheme most used at the  office.


The ties are a great accessory, but if you are missing something you can compliment it with a formal watch.

Fall and winter season



We close this list of looks with this idea, probably the most obvious one because jackets are a key garment for the cold, windy and rainy seasons.

You need the following: a pair of jeans or chinos, a cotton shirt with long sleeves or half sleeves, a leather jacket of your favorite colour, a beanie and a scarf.

To be more warm you can combine this look with a pair of chelsea or combat boots, but if you want  a much more relaxed look a pair of sneakers are a great alternative.


Pro tip

Remember that there are many types of leather jackets and not all of them adapt 100% to the outfits that we suggest you here.

For example truckers can suit both the second and fourth style mentioned (for rocking and the perfect balance between tropical and urban) but it wouldn’t be the perfect match for your office.

For that reason we suggest that you look for a timeless, simple and clean design. This way you’re going to make sure that it suits every single outfit or almost every look on the book.

If you want to be updated on trends and the coolest ideas of man’s fashion, keep checking our blog. All our content is created thinking about your needs.